Dream of an Inland Sea

Go, a fringed silver voice insisted. Go.

Dream of an Inland Sea by Karen Leh

Prompted by a dream of a time when her hometown was under the waters of a great sea, ten-year-old Johnna listens to the voice and does just that, packing her baby brother’s things and taking enough money to get them to the lake her missing father had promised to show her. Boarding a bus proves easier than she thought it would. her brothers, alerted that she and the baby have taken off, steal their mother’s car to track down and then decide to driver her to Lake McConaughy, in western Nebraska. This is just the beginning of their adventures.

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Karen Leh, author of Dream of an Inland SeaAbout Karen Leh

Karen Leh is a native of the Colorado plains and a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She has worked in book and magazine publishing and lives near Boulder, Colorado, with her partner and twin sons.

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About Dream of an Inland Sea

Title: Dream of an Inland Sea
Author: Karen Leh
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Perigord Press
Published date: August 3rd, 2012
ISBN-10: 0956158188
ISBN-13: 978-0956158185
Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.9 x 1.2 cm