Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Mad Bear

Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Mad BearA missing amulet and an old enemy…

Holmes and Watson are in Saratoga Springs, NY, to thwart an attempt by Col Sebastian Moran to secure a treasure mentioned in a Robert Louis Stevenson novel. Watson is arrested for murder. Lillie Langtry, members of an Iroquois secret society and a pair of notorious western outlaws are among those drawn into a final battle in the cave of Mad Bear.

Murder by Bay Breezes

Murder By Bay Breezes by John ElvinWho killed Sammy Sanchez?

Andy Holliday, recently signed on as feature writer for a travel magazine, is off to the Lower Eastern Shore, an off-the-beaten track region beside the Chesapeake Bay. But a piece-of-cake assignment takes a murderous twist. With sardonic wit and investigative skills forged in his clouded past, Holliday digs for secrets concealed by quirky, stubborn cranks, bumbling crooks and other peculiar characters. Murder By Bay Breezes explores troubling issues, modern but often tracing to the colonial past, in a classic-style mystery story.

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About John Elvin

John Elvin has extensive credentials in investigative reporting, antiques and collectibles and book reviewing. He is the author of thousands of news and feature articles, and recently wrote a book focusing on Glenn Boyer, controversial author of the “autobiography” of Josie Earp. He lives near the Chesapeake Bay.